Owl Eagle Aerial Composites

Long EZ is for the advanced-thinking canard homebuilder/owner. We have designed and tested many improvements and modifications for certain Canard aircraft that literally transforms these absolutely perfect flying machines into higher quality airplanes .

Currently we market our experience, composites knowledge & services, improvements and modifications to the canard aircraft community.  For select individuals we refurbish their aircraft at our facility.  We will continue to expand our product base and enhance the canard aircraft with updated systems and be a focal point of where to go to get products specific for our aircraft. 

Owl Eagle Aerial Composites services include:

  • Installation of parts we sell or help in assembly
  • Builder assistance or Refurbishment
  • Silver Bullet Propeller Authorized Repair Facility
  • New owner check out, aircraft familiarization and instruction for servicing
  • Pre-Buy inspections - Very thorough only

List of New Parts and Systems:
    • Bolt on High Performance Air-box (Now available for $895)
    • BAG-EZ Baggage Pods
    • Down Draft Cowls and Baffling Kits in the works
    • Adjustable Rudder/Brake pedals W/Master Cylinders
    • Landing Brake Actuator systems
    • Electric Pitch trim systems
    • Fiberglass Trim Springs
    • Reflex Curve Spinners W/Full Flow Guide or Short Flow Guide
    • Shimmy Dampeners
    • "How to" pdf. files (Will have a full Table of Contents)
    • Throttle Cable upgrades
    • Stainless Steel Brake lines and hardware
    • Jack Wilhelmson EZ-Nose Lift 
Joe Persons VEZ

More to come ....

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