Custom Service

Long EZ
Owl Eagle Aerial Composites services include:

    • Eliminate drag or draggy design features,
    • Reassemble or completely finish any of the canard aircraft to include the Varieze, Long-EZ, Cozy 3 or IV, Eracer, and Defiant.
    • We also design or redesign systems to further improve aircraft quality.
    • Transport your plane anywhere in the lower 48 if needed,
    • Silver Bullet Propeller Authorized Repair Facility, For Ordering NEW Silver Bullet Props email Gary at;
    • Instruct new owners in maintenance,
    • Modify aircraft to make maintenance quick and easy,
    • Aircraft Weighing Service using Digital Aircraft Scales.
    • Entire Instrument panel makeovers or Flat Panel upgrades
Silver Bullet Prop
** Pre-Buy Inspections **
Owl Eagle is often selected for pre-buy inspections.   It is our experience that most buyers and non-builder sellers are unaware of the actual short comings of an advertised aircraft and both the seller and buyer are unaware the aircraft needs a great deal of repair or upgrades to make it safe and current.  Some aircraft just need a little TLC to make all the difference in the way they fly and handle on the ground.  "Safety First" is the motto of our shop.  We look at every part to insure the aircraft is in the proper condition.  This normally takes 2.5 to 3 days depending if the seller is the original builder.
For Cozy IV assistance and other canard aircraft works also look to Burrall Sanders of Freeflight Composites.  Look in our "Links" for the website.